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The Zen of Python

2015-12-13 code ubergarm

Just noticed The Zen of Python today and found it amusing. A quick “one liner” for the easter egg.

import this
''.join([this.d[ch] if ch in this.d.keys() else ch for ch in this.s])

But who knows, I’m not a BDFL nor even Dutch. ;)

10 Nim One Liners to Impress Your Friends

2015-03-28 code ubergarm
My friend sent me the 10 Swift One Liners (referenced at the bottom) which inspired me to try it out in Nim! Like many Electrical Engineers, I cut my programming teeth on “low level” languages like standard ANSI C w/ GCC compiler, x86 assembly, Motorola HC11/HC12 assembly, and even a little GW/QBASIC! But fast forward a few years and projects start requiring GUIs, communication involving marshalling data into a specified format and HTTP requests, and project teams consisting of more than one person touching the code base. Continue reading