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The peers community is hosting free software with a “liberated version of gogs” on notabug while Microsoft buys github for $7.5 BILLION… The GNU / FSF / FOSS / libre folks are getting more and more crunchy on the left while on the right tech’s “Frightful Five” are consolidating everything faster than Clear Channel ruined radio…


Docker Tor Client

2018-06-12 devops ubergarm

It only takes a few minutes to get some sweet sweet Tor client based browsing:

# start the tor client and web proxy services
docker run -d -p 8118:8118 -p 9050:9050 rdsubhas/tor-privoxy-alpine
# wait for it to finish connecting then confirm your ip address is different
curl --proxy localhost:8118 https://icanhazip.com
# fire up your browser configured to use your new proxy service
chromium-browser --proxy-server="" &

If you only need a poor mans VPN w/ DNS request forwarding checkout sshuttle!

python3 -m sshuttle --dns -r myvirtualprivateserver.com 0/0



Run a hugo powered static site blog

2018-06-12 webdev ubergarm
Run a hugo powered static site blog. Install Check the hugo releases for the latest hugo_0.XX_Linux-64bit.tar.gz and uncompress it in the current working directory. Check its working: $ ./hugo version Hugo Static Site Generator v0.42 linux/amd64 BuildDate: 2018-06-12T06:37:22Z Development Start the hugo server in hot-reload development mode: $ ./hugo server -D Content Create a file in mysite.com/content/article/ e.g.: cat <<EOF > "$(date --iso-8601=seconds)"-my-post-title.md --- title: "My Post Title" date: "$(date --iso-8601=seconds)" featuredImage: "/images/my-post-image. Continue reading

Cross Platform ODROID ARM Docker quemu CI/CD Pipeline

2016-01-17 devops ubergarm
Want to develop, build, test, and deploy consistent code across multiple platforms and even architectures? Maybe work on your Raspberry Pi or ODROID code from your laptop, push a Docker image, then pull the exact same code onto your target hardware device? Maybe even automate all these steps using Continious Integration?! Yeah why not! :) Background I first tried this on Circle CI but ran into some hiccups with with binfmt_misc not being quite full acessible on their build machines. Continue reading
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